Lärare Göteborgs Tantrafestival

Vi är väldigt glada och tacksamma att här kunna presentera dessa fantastiskt proffsiga lärare/ workshophållare/föreläsare som kommer att dela med sig av sina gåvor under festivalen. De är alla människor som vi känner i hjärtat och som vi vet att de kommer ge er fina upplevelser. Här kan du läsa om dem, se deras hemsidor och få några ord om de workshops de ska hålla. Informationen kommer uppdateras efter hand. Texten om dem samt om deras workshops är på engelska. Workshops kommer att hållas på både svenska och engelska beroende på behov. Utländska workshophållare håller sina workshops på engelska. 

Liv Seiff

"Shake up! Welcome to the plesuredome"
"Sex Magic"

Liv Seiff is a tantra-teacher, hosting raw and effective courses and workshops in ecstatic practice and energy-orgasms. With her vitality, strong presence and raw energy, Liv Seiff is a skilled and entertaining lecturer and course holder. She has a fearless, rough and humorous way of teaching filled with love and kindness, making people feel safe, seen - and energized.  

 She is a self-taught tantra-teacher and has been teaching her workshops since 2018. Working with Reiki energy plunged her into sexual energy - and a new understanding of energy all together. Liv Seiff lives off-grid in the Oslo area.



"Shake Up! Welcome to the Pleasuredome"

The awesome party-version of Liv’s magic workshops. A high-energy workshop, where we're going to build up a lot of sexual energy through powerful energetic orgasmic breathing and orgasmic shaking, wild orgasmic dancing and lots of hugs.  We will use Liv’s orgasmic breathing – Liv’s orgasmic shaking. We will do the orgasmic breathing and shaking again and again, building amazing amounts of sexual energy.

All with humor, joy, lots of energy and rawness. Add awesome music with explicit lyrics and a fireworks-tantra teacher, and you have a room filled with ecstasy. And yes. There will be an exquisite Lovetunnel and a meditation too.

Come. Dance. Enjoy. Shake. And come. Suitable for both beginners and the very experienced. We work solo, ap

art from the hugs.

  "Sex Magic"  

The world is a magic place. Full of possibilities and raw life force. Anything can happen – the best of things too. There are many ways to get your wishes fulfilled. Many ways to manifest what we need and want in life. One of the most wonderful ways to do wish magic is to use the sexual energy – the life force itself. And that's what we're going to do at this workshop. Use Sex Magic. This is a high-energy workshop where we will dance, move and shake in several turns. We will also use strong breathing exercises. We're going to get rid of old stuck energy. Then we're going to build up a lot of sexual energy. Then we'll make a wish. Absolutely magical.

Lin Holmqvist

"Den energiska kroppen"

Lin Holmqvist  Mitt intresse för tantra startade för snart 20 år sedan då jag utbildade mig i Indien inom klassisk tantrisk meditation. Några år senare upptäckte jag den sexuella tantran genom en kraftfull kundalini resning. Kraften i kundalinin fascinerade mig så oerhört att jag har valt att viga mitt liv till detta spännande fenomen. Jag är utbildad inom NLP, hypnos, massage och sexuell tantra och jag använder alla dessa verktyg i tantra terapin. Jag har arbetat tillsammans med några av väldens främsta lärare och jag har tidigare undervisat i ISTA. Idag driver jag the Art of Love där jag organiserar tantra festivalen på Ängsbacka och leder kurser i tantra och tantra terapi. Jag har utbildat flera tusen människor inom tantra och min största glädje är att se kärleken sprida sig över världen.



"Den energiska kroppen" - en workshop om vår energikropp och hur vår mentala och fysiska kropp är tätt sammankopplade genom vår energi. En workshop där vi utforskar energiska gränser.

"Hängivelse" En workshop där vi utforskar smältpunkten mellan tantra, rep och BDSM. Här får du uppleva starka energiska möten.

Satya Nyberg & Mia Peräkylä

"Queer touch"

Satya Nyberg has been exploring diverse forms of yoga including Hatha / Yin / MediYoga / Kundalini Yoga for almost 30 years. As a yogi Satya is inspired by a non normative, inclusive approach, where everyone, regardless of previous experience and circumstances, feels welcome! 2008 - 2019 Satya was one of the organizer and leader of the group HBTQ Spirit, a community that offered yoga, meditation, play, contact practice and sharing for the LGBTQ community in Stockholm. Music, mantras in motion and heartsongs are on of Satya’s great passion.

Mia Peräkylä is a multi-instrumentalist and producer, inspired by travels, cultural experiences, and her spiritual journey.


"Transmantric" Let your heart and soul vibrate high by singing heartsongs and mantras from different yogic traditions - one and one, two and two and us all together in a lovesparkling cirkel. We sing from our hearts beyond prestige and perfectionism. Lets open up and get connected.

"Queer touch" Have you longed for a non-normative tantra workshop, free from stereotypes and labels, then this workshop is for you!
Together we create a playful and safe space for all genders, gender expressions and sexualities. Together in different constellations we will breathe, play, touch and share from our hearts. With curiosity and awareness we get closer to oneself and each other.
All exercises are voluntary and with clothes on.

Barbara Bella Voltolini

"Energetic Lovemaking"
"Tantric Shadow work"

Barbara Bella Voltolini is deeply fascinated by the mystery of Life. She is an holistic therapist with a solid background in trauma healing, shadow work and energy healing which she performs using different techniques. After meeting Tantra, her whole life was transformed.

She got fully back into the wisdom of her energy and body. Now she loves to support the body in getting into balance and releasing old traumas and stuck energy using dearmouring and cranio-sacral therapy. 

She has created an alchemic process in her own journey, facing her shadows, traumas and ego and transforming them into Awareness. Her mission is to support other people in doing the same.

She is from Italy but gives sessions and holds workshops both in Norway and Sweden.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087507733472



"Energetic Lovemaking" 

Connect with your sexual energy an learn how to raise it throught the body. From this sweet point of openness and energetic activation, we will explore how pleasurable it is to share with a partner. Open up to a different way to experience closeness and pleasure: you will use your energy body to connect and communicate with your partner's energy body. Welcome to this creative and spontaneus adventure where we will play with energy, sound, breath and polarities. Solo and couple exercices. Energy work: no nudity or intimate touch.

"Tantric shadow work:"

a deep journey into the shadow side, with specific focus on sexuality, body and pleasure... Open up for acknowledging your shadow and you will be guided in transforming it.

Jaandree Borelius

"Tantric Ropes- the art of flow through precense"

Jaandrée Borelius is working as a tantra therapist & as a yoga-meditation & breathwork teacher. She works with both individuals and groups. Her background lies as a therapist & organization/team developer, working with inclusion, normawareness, empowerment, team building & processleading Her aim is to support people in fully letting go, meeting one self in a safe space, held in love & vulnerability. Supporting people to come back into love & our way of being mesmerized like children. She believes that If you feel safe, You dare to (s)explore, you increase your wellbeing & stay positive towards tourself & others Jaandrée is passionate to use all senses to come closer to one self, to really feel. She used her full presence, the body, breath, sound & movement as tools for healing & awakening. She’s based in Gothenburg   sharing her magic on regular basis in Sweden & around the world as her playground. 


"Tantric Ropes- the art to flow trough presence"

 A workshop where you will explore how to use ropes. To tie and to be tied with deep presence.

info will come..

Smrati Skog & Jarno Kinnunen

"Tantrahappening- meeting in the now"

Smrati Skog has lived, and worked as a therapist and teacher, at the Osho Resort in Pune, India for 18 years. She has also given courses, training and sessions, in many parts of the world. She practices with the body, feelings and guides us to reconnect with our inner depths. Smrati is passionate about these matters, likes to share her knowledge with us and also explore herself deeper - whether it is about tantra exercises with a partner, resting in Aqua Floating, deep breathing during a massage session or about life itself. To her, meeting and practicing together with people, who want to be true to themselves, is a gift. Smrati offers courses, trainings and provides Tantra sessions (for singles and couples), Rebalancing massage and TantraPulsation.

Jarno Kinnunen is a grounded breathwork facilitator and tantra therapist. He has very balanced masculine presence that helps to create a field of safety in the room, which can help the participants to go a little deeper.



"Tantrahappening-meeting in the now" 

How can I relax and just be myself in the meeting with a (new) person?
In this workshop we start with connecting with ourselves before playing with others and meeting moment to moment. Recieveing each moment, as it unfolds in myself in contact with others.To reconnect with our inner depth. Through deepened contact with the body , feeling and being - here and now!

Info will come...

Anna-Malin Bjersing


 Anna-Malin Bjersing  is a creative and soulful body therapist and teacher in embodied movement, yoga, free dance, drama and mindfulness.
Her passion is to guide you into a deeper, more loving relationship with yourself and your wise and living body.
Together in a strengthening group process, or individually.
Inside the body there is a room - it is Your magical room.Do you want to open the door?
With her you can book individual body sessions, ceremonies, events and courses
Anna- Malin is a soft, yet powerful feminine force, that tends to touch peoples heart with her genuine way of holding space from within. 

She works as a drama teacher, freedance, yoga and selfcompassion- facilitator and bodytherapist that gives sessions, circles and support with an extra passion for women and especially pregnant women. 




Welcome to my morningpractice. Let your body express, come alive and moove in your own unique way, whatever feels comfortable in the moment. Follow your own flow..and just dance !

Dan Götharsson

"Tantrisk kommunikation"

Dan Götharsson är psykoterapeut och sexolog som guidar till ny kommunikation, fördjupad närhet & lust. Han har sin egen mottagning där han tar emot enskilda och par.



"Tantrisk kommunikation"
( På svenska / in swedish )
Är en kortare föreläsning följd av ett gemensamt samtal, nära och äkta. Tema: Tantrisk, Medveten och kärleksfull kommunikation. Hur ser den kommunikationen ut? Vad står i vägen för att jag ska kommunicera så med min partner?

Robin Westerberg

"Tantric Ropes- the art of flow through presence"
"Polarities "

Robin Teckhaus Westerbergs  deepest purpose in life is to increase the amount of love that I share and also recieve, to serve the souls around me and myself in the best way I can and remind myself and others of the divine nature of our lives. To do this I explore different practices and spaced that make me feel stronger, happier, healthier, more vibrant and alive in order to learn to teach and facilitate these for and with others. My aim is to create safe spaces that support people to find their own truth, trust, balance and inner strenght to let go of the stress and momentum of our modern lifestyles and connect again with the deep wisdom hiding in our innate awareness and being. To find home in oneself. Today I work as a yoga teacher, meditation and breathwork facilitator, transformational bodyworker and I host retreats and mens workshops. My aim is to broaden this work of holding and creating spaces of different teachings and qualities.

"Tantric Ropes the art to flow trough presence"
is a workshop where you will explore how to use ropes. To tie and to be tied with deep presence.

"Polarities" info will come..

Paula Nygren

"Women Rising"
"Tantra for Couples"

Paula Nygren is a passionate sexsibilitycoach, tantric bodyworker and experienced tantrateacher. She is much appreciated for her joyful way to create a very loving & safe space where you can expand, heal and experience more Lust in Life. She guides you into the magic of tantra and wants to inspire you to be authentic and more of that beautiful God and Goddess that you are!

Paula gives private sessions for both singles and pairs and she facilitates different workshops and a longer training for Women: “Women Rising- Tantric Training for the Modern Godess”. Together with her husband Henrik she facilitates beautiful “Tantra for Couples” retreats. Also they are the organisers of Göteborgs Tantrafestival.

At the festival she will facilitate a Woman Rising workshop and together with Henrik a Tantric Touch workshop.


"Women Rising- Pleasure & Sisterhood"
A journey into deeper sisterhood, selflove, intimacy & pleasure. With yourself & with your sisters. Lets rise, move & enjoy together! 

"Tantric Magical Meetings- with a partner"
Explore the magic of tantra with a partner (your beloved or someone you just met) We will guide you into a deep meeting in presence with each other, a melting together where you give space to your hearts and bodies to really open. With breath & movement we invite more energy, love & ecstasy to arise.

Henrik Bengtsson

"Mens circle"
"Tantra for Couples"

Henrik Bengtsson offers tantra for couples retreats and courses together with his beloved wife Paula Nygren since 2013. He also facilitates workshops for men and is one of the founders of Göteborgs Tantra festival and give sessions in Tantra massage and Shamanic healing. 

He is appreciated for his calm, soft way of holding space for healing, relaxation and pleasure. He is inspired by and received knowledge from shamanic and tantric work, breath work, contact improvisation, kundaliniyoga, Osho and Mother nature.


" Mens Circle "

We men connect in joyful dance and have sharing from the depths of our hearts, and relax in massage together.

"Tantric magical meetings- with a partner"
Explore the magic of tantra with a partner (your beloved or someone you just met) We will guide you into a deep meeting in presence with each other, a melting together where you give space to your hearts and bodies to really open. With breath & movement we invite more energy, love & ecstasy to arise.

Andreas Eder

"Zensual Pleasure"
"Shamanic Tribal Exstatic Dance"

Andreas Eder has over the last 15 years studied Mindfulness, Tantra, Positive Psychology, Shamanism, human life and various forms of coaching and meditations, all of which he have integrated it into both his personal and professional life. In 2019, Andreas started teaching clients how to integrate this wisdom into their everyday lives and how to manifest a happier & healthier life in the way they imagine and desire it today. Today, he feels passionate in his mission to guide others to experience the most magnificent experience of themselves and living a life full of magic and joy. Guide them in the art of joyous living and feeling well every day.



"Zensual Pleasure"
In order to experience an ecstatic pleasurable state, you need to learn to relax, be real, be touch with Flow, be courageous and comfortable and able to be Zen, be naturally and totally present. 
This workshop guide you to deepened presence and help you to open up for more pleasure.

"Shamanic Tribal Ecstatic Dance"
I will be the DJ for the big saturday night party!!
Join me on an inner journey (and a journey with others!) where you can explore and express yourself, naturally and fully. By dancing on your own you can learn to live wild & free & in the fullest expression of yourself. I offer the space for you to free yourself from the chains that hold you back from living life totally, in peace and vibrant everyday joy. I offer you a space where you can be fully yourself, even with your beautifully fragile vulnerability.

Anna Caballero

"Meetings in the heart"

Anna Caballero’s mission in life is to help people to opening up the communication to the heart, to really listen to what our body is telling us and from there live an authentic life TO THE FULLEST! Guiding people to inviting MORE into their life, more happiness, pleasure, joy! Whatever gives them those bubbles on the inside, Open up for the possibility that there is more out there! 

 Anna has been working as a life coach, both individually and with groups, for over 20 years. Her goal in life is to guide people into opening their heart och from there live a happier more fulfilled life, growing into the best possible version of themselves! To connect the mind with the body/ feelings, using techniques as sound vibrations (drumming and singing bowls), healing (reiki, frequency healing, crystals etc.), mindfullness, Tantra, NLP, Motivational interviewing, solution focused approach

You are welcome to join her Facebook group - “I WANT to, I CAN - I LOVE my life" https://www.facebook.com/groups/615178692781802/?ref=share&fs=e&s=cl
Or Embracing lifee on instagram 


 "Meetings in the heart"  You will be guided into your heart and within your heart find your inner desire, what you are truly longing for.  From there you will be guided into meetings with each other. You will be given an opportunity to express your true desire and longing but also creating a safe space for someone else to express what they are truly longing for.

Peter Forsberg & Mette Boström

"Conscious Breath Work"
"Cozy Cuddle Space"

Peter Forsberg is a natural healer whose special focus is awareness training, breath work and somatic awareness. He has a background in psychosynthesis, body therapy and coaching along with extensive experience of group dynamics. He has a strong presence that vibrates through his hands and he has a fine balance of yin and yang. His natural, caring and powerful energy extends around him with ease.

Mette Koblick Boström has studied and explored over many years the meaning of self management, awareness training and how we can live an extended sustainable life. Her favourite techniques are breath work, body coaching, dynamic/somatic yoga and ACA 12 step program. It is within her purpose to share that journey with others in total transparency, openness and authenticity. Mette´s soul, heart and will power touches you through her eyes, hands and through the energy field that surrounds her.

Facebookpage for our events, mainly breathwork


Peter´s professional webpage for his body work and coaching business



"Conscious Breath Work" 

This workshop is about getting in deep contact with your body, your emotions and your inner self. When that contact is there, you can release tension, stress and repressed feelings. We will let the breath bring you to whatever wants to emerge from within, your inner truth. This is a mix of rebirthing and Tantric Pulsation. The aim is to help the body come back to its natural, relaxed state.

"Cosy Cuddle Space"
info will come..

Manora Nyström

"Self-Love and Bodyhealing"
"Talk: To heal with Tantra"

Manora Nyström

är Tantraterapeut, Tantralärare och socionom. Med både humor och djup vill hon läka hjärtan med tantran. Utöver att hon håller workshops på festivalen så koordinerar hon vårt viktiga EMO-team (Emotionellt Support Team)  



"Talk- To heal with Tantra”

Eller att Leva Tantriskt när Livet Utmanar. Kom och lyssna på en föreläsning med Manora Nyström som berättar om hur hon ser tantran som en väg till läkning.


"Self-Love and Bodyhealing"

Om du i praktiken vill känna hur läkande tantra kan vara, genom metoder som Wheel of consent och närvarande beröring. Där du ges möjlighet att få uppleva din egen sexuella energi, där du får vara gud eller gudinna för en stund. Ja då är denna workshop rätt plats för dig.

Karis McLaughlin

"Consensually: let your desires lead the way" "The art of permission: touching for your own pleasure"

Karis is passionate about creating supportive spaces for people to come home to their bodies and experience a deeper connection with themselves and with others. When we are in touch with the exquisite aliveness of being human, in all our glory and messiness and vulnerability, and we dare to reveal ourselves to others, then true intimacy can unfold. She brings warmth, curiosity and playfulness to her group work which is inspired by a range of embodiment and communication practices, including tantra, consent, yoga, Radical Honesty and mindfulness

"Consensually: let your desires lead the way"  In this workshop/playshop, you'll learn and practice some essential skills for navigating a tantra festival (and life!): notice your desires and ask for what you want, tune into your authentic ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, speak up for your boundaries, make clear requests and agreements based on consent.

"The art of permission: touching for your own pleasure" Awaken your innate, sensual nature and discover your hands as incredible sources of pleasure! In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to practice asking for permission to explore another person’s body, and giving permission (and access to your body) while communicating your boundaries. Experience the delight of following your own impulses and pleasure through solo touch, paired exercises and whole group exploration.

Malin & Robert Törnqvist

"Tantric Cuddle Space"

Malin is a dynamic person and spaceholder who likes to invite the whole perspective and body to the work. She is an intuitive Bodyworker, Tantra Therapist, Yin-yoga teacher and training instructor and her inspiration lies in travelling from light to dark, soft and hard, and provides you the whole experience in you with love. www.divinelove.se

Robert is a tantra therapist and a bodyworker with a magical touch. His strength is his ability to make you feel safe, seen and held. To be able to create a safe space where you can let go and surrender completely into his arms. He is grounded and centred within himself and loves to play with his feminine and masculine sides. A free spirit with a close connection to nature. 


"Tantric Cuddle Space" 
On saturday night this is a place to meet and explore everything you learned in the workshops. There will be focus on touch and setting clear boundaries. The room will be divided in different levels of energy. In this templespace we invite sexual energy and you can be as hot and sexy as you like but you keep underwear on. 

They will also assist breathwork at the festival.

Frida & Julia Malmqvist


Musiker, sångerskor & soundhealers... 

Bild och info kommer